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Made in Italy

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For thousands of years, the people of central Italy have mined alabaster from the hills of the Tuscan countryside.


Our artisans continue to use centuries old traditions intrinsic to their legacy built on a passion for craftsmanship carried forward generation to generation.

Often you have a grandfather, father and son all working together in our workshops.

"Today the centre of the alabaster trade remains Florence, Italy."

Made in Italy. What does that mean?

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Our product is meticulously handmade by traditional artisans one piece at a time with an honesty to the irregularity of the chosen material.

The work is a laborious craft. The alabaster blocks are cut to the needed size and then are processed in different techniques: turned on a lathe for round shapes or hand carved into sculptures depending on the shape. 

It is therefore quite difficult, if not impossible to make identical items. Any natural blemishes or irregularities should not be misconstrued as flaws, but part of the beauty


"well-made things last"


The ancient Etruscans celebrated alabaster for its durability over centuries, not to mention its beautiful coloration, natural veining, and luminous effects when held up to the light. 

To diminish the translucency and achieve our signature gorgeous chalk white we immerse it in a special bath of water. 

The natural unique swirls in the alabaster contribute to the originality of each piece and no two will ever be alike.

"one of a kind"

Specialty finishes and finish matching

            is available by request!  


We carefully partner with our Italian-American artisans we believe in and produce our inventory in batches creating only what we need. 

We like to give our artisans the time they need to make things perfect so it arrives to you perfect every time!

Purchasing our work means you are supporting a community and craft.


We’ve designed all of our pieces to be as easy to install through traditional bulb holders. Because of this, the designer and client can pick out the perfect light, color, and intensity on site.

Certain items require handling with care during transportation. Please reach out for our specialized white glove services! 

masters of alabaster

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real or


here are your souvenirs

Your last stop is the Santa Maria Novella train station.

Here are your souvenirs from your trip to Firenze.

Real or imagined.

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