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Trento Alabaster Chandelier 2 in Blackened Brass

The suspended alabaster globes, nestled in a protective brass ring, repeat between delicate handmade, hand-finished brass chain links giving the impression that they are moving in rhythm, adding a cadence to their surroundings.

Much like marble, our alabaster undergoes millions of years of formation in the hills of Northern Italy and it's the very nature of the stone that shapes its pattern. This pattern is only revealed through a traditional hand-carving process that dates back to 1895.

Distinguished Italian sculptors like Michelangelo utilized alabaster to highlight the mineral’s translucent quality that emits a warm glow when illuminated.

Vary the drops and create a sequence of swags and alabaster globes to trace a staircase, add an airy cadence to an entry, or create sweeping gestures above a kitchen island or dining table.

Custom chandelier installations are designed based on desired dimensions, number of pendants and alabaster globes.

Wanting only one junction box or canopy? Just let us know.

The Trento collection is available in our rich black patina or brushed brass. Custom finishes or finish match are available by request.

Trento Alabaster Chandelier 2 BLK

  • It is our ongoing commitment to support craftsmanship through design around the world and bring artisanship back to the center of the conversation. Our affinity for historically significant, era-defining craft is evident.

    Our artisans preserve centuries-old traditions that lie at the core of their legacy, driven by a fervor for craftsmanship that spans generations. It’s not uncommon to find a grandfather, father, and daughter working together in our workshops.